Middle School

(Ages 10-13)

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Ocean Exploration

Dive into the the exciting world of ocean exploration! We will focus on how and why scientists and researchers explore the deep ocean, covering basic ocean physics such as buoyancy, stability, and propulsion. You will spend the week building your own Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) and deploy it on the final day.

Instructor: David Wise

July 15th-19th, 1-4 PM


Monster Lab

IT'S ALIVE! Your task is to take up the mantle of Dr. Frankenstein and build your own interactive monster. You will learn basic soft circuits, wearable electronics, and sewing skills to make your own soft and squishy monster to take home.

Instructor: David Wise

July 22nd-26th, 1-4 PM


Future Doctors

Dreaming of being a doctor or want to see if you can suture like a surgeon? In this camp, kids will discover what doctors actually do, what it takes to become one, and the origins of the study of medicine through hands-on projects, interactive activities, and appearances by local doctors and physicians. Topics will vary by day, covering sports medicine, emergency first aid, anatomy, medical imaging, surgery, and veterinary studies.

Instructor: Dr. Carl Franz

July 15th-19th, 1-4PM


How to Make (Almost!) Anything

Do you see things in stores and think “I can make that!”? In this week-long camp, you will learn how to make (almost) anything. Each day you will make and take home a different project, created using high-tech tools, such as a CNC mill, 3D printer, vinyl cutter, and more.

Instructor: David Wise

August 5th-9th, 1-4PM



Have you always wanted to know how a computer actually works? In this camp, you will learn the basics of computer coding, how an algorithm actually works (and what it actually is), and what actually goes into making a computer program. You will even design and build your own simple app or game over the course of the week.

Instructor: Dr. Jamie Orr

July 22nd-26th, 9AM-Noon